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Carpet Mill Outlet is Proud to Welcome the Portland Airport Carpet

Carpet Mill Outlet is honored to be one of the exclusive distributors of the Portland (PDX) Airport Carpet. It is our sincere desire to make sure that everyone who would like to own a part of Portland history, have the opportunity to make that a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Own Portland (PDX) Airport Carpet?

Thank you for your patience! September is our official month of release! Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 26 at 9:30 am to come down to Carpet Mill Outlet and get your piece of Portland history!

2000 SE Milport Road
Portland, OR; 97222
Inside the Mill End store and newly expanded.

Where is the Portland (PDX) Airport Carpet Now?

We have been loving on this PDX Airport Carpet to transform it into something that you will love to take home and celebrate as a piece of Portland history. We have had the carpet backs scraped, swept and vacuumed. The carpet has been "green" cleaned by ZeroRez ( It is being cut, bound and backed into the items you are asking for.

What PDX Airport products will be available?

The grand opening for PDX Airport Carpet products at Carpet Mill Outlet will be Saturday, September 26, 2015! Watch your email and our Facebook page for updates about waht products will be available, special coupons and more!

Will we be able to get PDX Airport Carpet if we do not attend the launch?

Yes. Absolutely. While supplies last.

Can I pre-order?

No. Carpet Mill Outlet PDX Airport Carpet will be available to purchase from Saturday, September 26, 2015 until supplies are gone.

Can I pay online?

Not yet.

How will Carpet Mill Outlet process the Portland (PDX) Airport carpet?

  • As one the oldest and few full carpet binding facilities in the Northwest, Carpet Mill Outlet has the capabilities of utilizing the maximum amount of salvageable carpet. The Carpet Mill Outlet approach will be to first capture the largest usable sections of carpet that may be either installed or bound into area rugs.
  • With the exception of large sections of usable carpet, most sections of Portland (PDX) Airport Carpet may be bound. Our expert team will bind each edge using a variety of treatments as the size and nature of use may dictate. This will help to protect the edges, enhance the beauty and preserve the quality of the carpet.
  • With each application, Carpet Mill Outlet will use custom stitching and yarns to honor the brand colors of the Portland (PDX) Airport Carpet. This final treatment will not only preserve the value of the carpet but honor the spirit and design that made it so iconic for every Northwest traveler.
  • The final step may be to add a protective backing to the carpet. Depending on the final condition of the carpet, Carpet Mill Outlet is prepared to apply a polyurethane backing to provide a smooth finish and cushion to the surface. Of course, the final uses will be contingent on the amount and quality of carpet received.

About Carpet Mill Outlet

Established in 1984, Carpet Mill Outlet’s founders have a textile-rich heritage dating back to the Thomas Kay Woolen Mill in Salem, Oregon. As a matter of fact, Carpet Mill Outlet was established as way for our “carpet-design-and-developing owner” to live in Portland.  More than 30 years later, Carpet Mill Outlet is still the only store in the Portland area with carpet manufacturing expertise and direct links to the Georgia carpet mills. Carpet Mill Outlet is the retail division of Corinthian Textile Solutions, a diverse carpet manufacturer and fabricator with a passion for engineering carpeting and using our business to make a positive difference in our community and world.

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